Atlantic Journalism Hall of Fame

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The Atlantic Journalism Awards (AJAs) has created the Atlantic Journalism Hall of Fameto recognize journalists and journalism builders who have made a significant contribution to the profession of journalism.

The inductees will be included in a special file on the AJAs website. Anyone can nominate an individual for the award.

Definition and Eligibility

Inductees to the Atlantic Journalism Hall of Fame could be persons at any stage of a journalism career in Atlantic Canada or retired from journalism or posthumously or as a journalism educator and who generally are recognized as an exceptional professional in the field of journalism either in print, radio, television, and magazines or online or teaching. It would be a person who has spent most of their career in Atlantic Canada and created a body of work which is a standout. Journalism would be this person’s chosen and full time occupation and their journalistic works would be exemplary.

Journalism Builder:
A person who has worked behind the scene to grow and foster the profession and industry of journalism. These individuals would have dedicated significant effort to enhance the image and credibility of journalism in Atlantic Canada and helped create avenues and platforms for journalistic expression, advancement and development. These individuals may or may not have been a journalist, but clearly have a passion and vision to promote and enhance journalistic excellence in Atlantic Canada.